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The Three Graces Fountain In Montpellier

Authentic Provence Three Graces Fountain
On our voyage through Montpellier in the South of France, we have found this absolutely incredible masterpiece in the main square first mentioned in 1755. At the center of the square is a monumental central fountain, covered with centuries of grown moss, named La Fontaine des Trois Graces. It was created by the sculptor Étienne d' Antoine in 1790. The fountain head…read more

Caisse de Versailles Planters

The overwhelming Gardens of Versailles are one of our favorite places to visit. When you enter through the majestic gates of Versailles, towards the left is a balustrade, if you look below you will see from the above 1000 Caisse de Versailles in various sizes, placed meticulously throughout this grandiose space. The Authentic Provence Versailles planter is an exact re-edition…read more