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A Whimsical Cook Book from l’Oustau de Baumanière

We have just returned from Provence, France and one of the places I always return to, is the Oustau de Beaumanière. (Please view our blog dated 3.24.2017). In the hotel’s boutique, which has a very carefully selected array of exquisite products, I came across a small cook book called Vegetable dishes from l’Oustau de Baeumanière by Jean-Andre Charial, with very…read more
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French Village Fountains

The limestone fountains were a social gathering point where the women worked, washing clothes or vegetables. The men typically came to the fountains to discuss politics or to collect water for the animals or for the gardens. Still today people rest in front of these refreshing and charming treasures to drink the water from the spring or just to admire…read more
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La Louve Gardens

If you love the gardens you will need to visit La Louve, in the delightful hilltop town of Bonnieux in Provence. This exceptional garden combines garden history and culture in southern France. Nicole de Vesian had designed La Louve for herself in the mid-1990s, but she is also responsible for many gardens in this area of Southern France. Working as a…read more

Santons and Christmas Cribs of Provence

These Christmas crib figures or Santons are an authentic folk tradition, and many provençal homes still maintain elaborate Nativity cribs with the santons today. The crèche provençale, or provençal crib, has been around for centuries, but the significance of the santon (which means in provençal "little saint") began immediately after the French Revolution of 1789. Then churches were forcibly closed and sacked. Large…read more

The Gardens of the Chateau La Ballue

Welcome to La Ballue Jardin, Brittany I followed the winding lanes of the Mont-Saint-Michel countryside which lead to one of the most magnificent gardens in twenty-first century France. This is a charming château, perfectly preserved on the exterior, and grand and elegant on the interior. Situated among dramatic theatrical gardens, the beautiful 17th century château is a symphony of classical architecture, exquisite décor and…read more

Gardens of Bomarzo

Authentic Provence Gardens of Bomarzo
Bomarzo is a town and commune of the province of Viterbo (Lazio, central Italy), in the lower valley of the Tiber, approx. 68 kilometers north-northwest of Rome. The History of Bomarzo and the Park of the Monsters. The bishopric was established around 400 AD, which in 700 gained territory from the suppressed Diocese of Ferento. It was a historical fiefdom…read more

The Umbrian Town of Spello

Authentic Provence Town of Spello
In the beautiful Umbrian town of Spello, which is known for Pinturicchio’s frescoes of the early sixteenth century that are inspired by the New Testament, in the Baglioni Chapel in Santa Maria Maggiore church, the Infiorate di Spello takes place during the Sunday after Corpus Domini (Corpus Christi, 26 May 2016). Authentic Provence always attend this event. The ninth Sunday…read more